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Nowwt makes your moment a moment
Nowwt is an insta network website and stands for Now what. Which connects you with your favourite one's to see what's happening in their life now.
How Nowwt works?
Nowwt tells you what happening today in your favourite ones's and other people life. And show the latest update from them to get in touch with their living moment everytime.
What is Nowwt?
Your moments which you share stands for Nowwt. You can Nowwt your day moments with 120 characters only and you are not allow to use any hyperlink in your Nowwt.
Why only today's Nowwts?
Moments never happen doubles, so why to see them again, that become the past, so Nowwt makes you live in your present so it shows only today's and latest moment of your favourite one's, so that's why everytime you will get a new moment here and wait for Now what?
Where recent moments place?
You can find any day of your life on Nowwt to see all of that day's moments happened in your life. By moment search option you can find any of your day instantly on Nowwt.
Benifit of Nowwt
It makes your everyday special and shows you new moments everytime. It saves your internet data also so you can use it for long. Instantly you get notified by every moment of your favourite ones.
Why Nowwt?
Where you get irritate by see unwanted or uninterested content on social media, here on Nowwt you will see only interesting content because everything will be a moment here. You don't need to see every single Nowwt by scrolling to find interesting Nowwts of today, because you can do it with just one click.
Mobile notifications
You will get every single moment of your favourite one's on your mobile, to see what's happening in their life. Anywhere, anytime you will get them around you. You can select your favourite one's whose moment's you want to get on your mobile.
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